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I'm a lecturer, consultant & university researcher working in social sciences, exploring a range of related topics mostly based around human development, colonialism and natural resource extraction. 

My research looks at mankind's ingenuity in inventing ways of using tools and raw materials, the growth of industrialisation and the resulting conflicts that develop, most notably expansionism, colonialism and the development of empires.  In short, my work looks at mankind's pursuit and use of natural resources - how we use and abuse power in our pursuit of a better life.


I've spent the past 25 years working in the adaptive conservation of industrial structures - converting and repurposing the world's oldest complete steamship into an arts centre, designing a museum within an abandoned rail station in the UK and converting a 17th century silk-maker's house in France. 


I'm a lecturer and public speaker on related topics . I relish the opportunity to share my experiences with you too: subscribe to my newsletter to receive latest news, video updates & blog posts. 


I hope you enjoy the photos and video on the site - part of my work on studying industrial heritage and resource use.


To find out more about my professional consultancy and conservation work please visit

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